Adult acne attack: What is causing them to appear?

With puberty hitting one’s life, acne becomes one of the most unwanted problems, becoming a major issue in your daily life. Before looking for the treatment, we have to know about the causes behind adult acne. Here we give you the topmost causes of Adult acne:

1. Changes of Hormones:

During puberty, both in male and female bodies, the fluctuation of hormones affects acne production. Menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding cause sebum production are factors influencing acne. If you are looking for the best acne treatment, it is recommended to visit Aesthetic clinic Singapore.

2. Mental changes:

With you slowly growing up, both the mental changes lead you to being more emotional. Emotional stresses like anxiety, pressure, and anger are the main reason behind acne.

3. Physical stress:

Factors such as sleep, too much work, dehydration, illness cause irregular hormone production, further causing acne.

4. Medication:

With the passing age and increased need for medications, we tend to increase the intake of pills and other similar supplements, which also has the potential to cause acne.

5. Food:

Food has a benefactor role in our body’s immune system. Extremely unhealthy diets like fast food, deep-fried food, sweet foods, and dairy foods are another potential reason behind acne.

6. Bacteria:

A multiple adults are exposed to unhygienic environment with the skin directly facing bacterial attack. It can cause some big, painful acne.


Lastly, if you’re already affected by some massive and painful acne, Acne scars removal treatment will help your scars to heal. However, it is important to remember that with or without acne, you’re beautiful.

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