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Fintech Businesses: How You Can Promote Its Cybersecurity

With a recent spike in cyber-attacks on IT service providers, cyber threats have become more imminent in the local landscape. Earlier this year, these threats have motivated the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to revise the Technology Risk Management guidelines for businesses. You must be thinking what does this mean for Fintech […]

How Does The Stool Appearance Influence Your Health?

It may sound outrightly unpleasant, but you’ll want to cultivate the habit of paying attention to your daily bowel movements. Bowel habits are a strong indicator of your digestive health, and taking notice of any change can give you an insight into any digestive issues or serious health problems. Faecal matter […]

Simplified Bookkeeping: How Small Businesses Can Do It

Bookkeeping in a business entails recording, classifying and organising all financial transactions made by the entity in the course of business operations. It may be on a simple notebook, or in a complex accounting and bookkeeping software. Many small businesses struggle with bookkeeping as they are balancing their business and […]