Reasons Why You Should Engage A Buddhist Funeral Service

Buddhist funerals follow strict traditions as they believe that the ceremonies, if mistreated can result in bad fortune for the family members. Funerals in Singapore can be held at Buddhist temples or cemeteries which are pre-determined by the family for their loved ones. Families gather at the funeral service dressed in white and a variety of gifts are taken to the gate of the deceased person’s house.

The Buddhist Funeral is very important as it serves as a ceremony for purification and acquittal of the deceased. It helps the deceased to pass to the next life without any obstacles and to guide the soul to the place of pure happiness and bliss.

Funeral services in Singapore strive to provide unique and spiritual experiences for many families. They cover everything from booking the venue to the crematorium or burial, as well as assisting you with registering the death certificate. Each family has its own traditions and their ceremonies vary depending on their customs.

Monks conduct the Buddhist Funeral in Singapore with blessings and chanting which can last for a few days. Ceremonies are conducted in both the temple and the crematorium or burial place. Booking a Buddhist funeral service in Singapore can be easily done through many of the funeral services available who assist with everything from organizing the venue to catering service, coffins etc.

Funeral companies in Singapore can be easily booked online or can be visited in person as well. There are funeral directors present to assist you in every step from choosing the right packages to providing quotes that suit your budget.

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