Understanding What Millennials Want In Team Building

Team building is important for every company. This is especially true for companies made up of millennial employees.

Millennials are different from previous generations who prefer to keep to themselves in the workplace. Most millennials prefer to work together with their workmates and collaborate to achieve results.

Because of this, it becomes necessary for companies to make sure that millennials are involved in their plans for their next team building activity.

Including millennials in your team building in Singapore isn’t the same as making sure that they are engaged, however.

Millennials, as mentioned earlier, are different from previous generations. As such, a different approach is necessary.

Below are ways that companies can make sure that their millennial employees are engaged in every team building event.


The millennial workforce is collaborative. They like to innovate and work together. This is why your team building events should always keep those things in mind.

Make sure that every activity chosen is engaging for your employees at a group level.


The millennial workforce doesn’t just want to work – they want to work with a purpose. Millennials want to know that whatever it is they are doing, they are doing it for the greater good.

So, try and factor their ideal thinking in your next team building activity.

A good idea is to have your office volunteer to clean up the beach or give out free food. Essentially, what’s important is to make sure that your employees can see exactly how much impact they are making with what they are doing.


Millennials are arguably the most social group of any workforce. They love to connect with others and interact with one another.

You can use this opportunity to make them bond together as an office outside of the workplace.

A good idea is to have them play a round of team laser tag or bowling. Or, an even better idea would be to start a league within the office and have them regularly participate, so that they can feel like they have a lasting effect on the office.

Millennials love to have an excellent work-life balance. They relish in opportunities to get out of the office and do something fun, even when it’s with their workmates. Although socializing during break times is great, giving them a reason to socialize with each other during work hours is even better.

Contrary to popular belief, millennials aren’t lazy, nor entitled. They may look like they’re just content with sitting back and watching other people, but that’s not true. If you plan your team building activity properly, you’ll see that they can even be the most engaging and social. They are the sort of people who immerse themselves and will give their all once they put their mind to it.

Focus on planning team building activities that require participation from everyone to have a positive impact. Having this goal in mind is often the most successful when it comes to millennial employees.

Once it’s all said and done, millennials will be happy knowing that they did something good at the end of the day.

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