Why Opt For Clear Braces Instead Of Cheaper Alternatives?

Braces help to fix teeth related problems such as cross bite, under bite, gaps between the teeth, misaligned teeth, overcrowded teeth, etc. Traditionally metal braces were used to fix the teeth which used a metal fire screwed to the teeth and fixed at Jaws. Metal braces are slightly painful and cause discomfort within the mouth when chewing food and brushing.

Clear braces are the most popular type of braces among people that are more conscious of aesthetics when getting orthodontics done. Clear aligners are transparent and are not noticeable. The clear aligners are great for young working adults that are conscious about their smile when the braces are on.

The clear braces cost Singapore are slightly higher than that of ceramic and metal braces. However, the overall treatment cost depends on a few factors which include; type of braces, treatment duration, and the nature of the misaligned teeth. The location of the clinic and the expertise of the specialist also makes clear braces cost Singapore treatment variable.

Unfortunately, Medisave claims cannot be made for orthodontic procedures.  However, there are most Singapore clinics offer instalment plans where the total cost of clear braces and the orthodontic procedure can be spread across 6/12/24 months. The number of instalments depends on the initial deposit made based on the clinic policies.

Fixing misaligned teeth is a full-time commitment for both the dentist and the patient and can be considered as a long-term treatment and is also a considerable investment. Hence it is advisable to get the procedure done at a reputed Singapore dental clinic to achieve desired results.

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