With decades of housing a range of service providers and merchandise-sellers, the Coronation Shopping Plaza has steadily built the image of a homely, welcoming shopping spot. While it might not necessarily be among the flashiest, most modern shopping malls in Singapore, there is an allure of tranquillity around it that keeps shoppers and revellers returning. Located within the Bukit Timah neighbourhood, the plaza which was built in 1979 has several shopping and service outlets occupying its first three levels, with apartment units on the uppermost floor. For its parking needs, there is a basement parking space. Fronting the Coronation Road, it is highly likely that the plaza got its name from this street. Here are a few ideas of things that you can do at this not-so-young-but-still-spanking mall;

At its lowest floor, the Coronation Shopping Plaza houses a supermarket from where a shopper can get products for daily use. The location of the supermarket makes it easy for shoppers to leave with their purchases since there are no lifts or stairs to worry about. A number of eateries occupy the mall, and they serve different delicacies. From local, Malay and Japanese dishes to ice cream and fast foods, one cannot miss a decent meal at this plaza. Furthermore, the fact that it is not very crowded makes it a fine dining option for people who love a bit of tranquillity while downing their food.

The Coronation Shopping Plaza is home to a couple of banks and financial institutions offering different money-based services. In addition, it has a general clinic, pharmacy outlets and optical care providers that would be convenient for those living in the neighbourhood as well as visitors who find themselves within its vicinity. For leads on available jobs, employment agencies and consultants can be accessed within the building.

Whether one wishes to purchase ready-made attire or have something customised to their needs, the plaza offers both options. There are boutiques selling both formal and casual wears as well as hair salons and nail parlours to take care of clients’ grooming needs. There is even a wellness spa to help you relax after days of work or travel-related pressures!

Educational centres have made inroads into the Coronation Shopping Plaza owing perhaps to the presence of academic institutions within the wider Bukit Timah neighbourhood. Music, tutorial and language schools are some of these institutions.

While the video/DVD centres that used to be a hit with teenagers a couple of years ago are no longer that much popular, you can still catch a few of them in operation and get to rent movies. Aside from the outlets and offices mentioned above, the Coronation Shopping Plaza offers a lot more! For instance, you can have your phone or computer conveniently repaired here.

To get a feel for all the services and merchandise available at the Coronation Shopping  Plaza, a visit is necessary.  The plaza generally opens from 10.00 am in the morning to 7.00 pm. Depending on your location; you can conveniently reach the plaza either by bus or the subway. Basically, once you reach Bukit Timah neighbourhood, you will be as good as there already!

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